By Neerraj
(Translated by R.P.Chaddah)

Today's Thirtieth January
Write-if you must
Ask not for ink
Transfer tears on paper.
Sing-if you must
But break the Veena first and Harmonize the revolver.

O Painter ! Paint not gods or angels
Paint the dead man- the Messiah-
Infuse life in his life-less body
Lying still on the sands of Jamuna.

O Sculptor ! Make not, but behold
Love's last sigh-after being bullet-ed
Steel-clad Peace cries vehemently.

O Historian ! Write not- this dark page
Coming centuries will get blackened.

O Poet ! rhyme not- this hatred
Dead-living will be unable to live.

O Scientist ! Bomb not with atoms
Nagasaki is still the street of the dead
Underneath the tanks is trampled
Asia's glory- Korea.

Silence : O temple-bells
Silence : O mosque-priests
Silence : O book of religion

Because world's pacifist is tongue-tied.

Arise ! Arise ! All today
To go to Raj Ghat
Imagination is weaving a coffin
Couplets are inflaming the flames
Epics are holding their breath
Happiness is embracing unhappiness.
But stay ! Touch not
With your blood-stained fingers.

If you want to pray
Go to the pathway
Where Gandhi's in millions
Die daily.


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