About Kavi Neeraj :

Neeraj is god gift to us and poetry. He is true genius who's contributions are of immense values, which has enriched the art of poetry.
"Poets are born, not made"-(Florus)
This is absolutely true with regard to Neeraj. Born on 4.1.25 in U.P., his academic excellence took him to a teaching career at Meerat and Aligarh, both great centres of learning, lasting a fruitful 18 years. Then on what the teaching field lost, it was a gain for poetry. Creative writings of unparalleled brilliance flowed freely from his mighty pen. He fought antisocial forces of separatism, religious segregation and superstition with full might and propagated communal harmony and enlightenment in a country plagued with conflicting ideologies and destructive forces. Neeraj put forward his views, gently, guised with literary flair, the beauty and elegance of the Hindi language. After five decades of relentless writing, he occupies the pinnacle of fame and is the poet laureate of India.
It is often said that a poet is distinguished by greater promptness to think and feel without immediate external excitement. This typifies Neeraj Plato once said:
"Every man is a poet when in love".
Neeraj is a poet and romantic because of his love to poems. Humility is his hallmark, even though he writes like an angel.
After writing countless gems in a career spanning 55 years, he will always remain a shining star in the poetic horizon. he wrote just over 100 lilting romantic songs and heart-touching musical utterances for Hindi films in a period of flirting with the make believed celluloid industry which lasted five years and the "Sahitya Vachaspathi" ventured into unconquered pastures. A poet is pleased with his own passions and volition and he is the rock of defense for human nature. This is the real aspiration of Neeraj

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