Where To Civilization ?

By Neerraj
(Translated by R.P.Chaddah)

Whore to this world ?
What speed-Science ?
Which Way-History ?
What turmoil-Time ?
Is this that heavenly paradise of civilization ?
Where at every step there's a corpse
Where for a few glittering coins maidenhood is lost
Where jackals throng the Faded-flowers !

These smoldering houses, palaces, helmets
This famine-brought, apprehension
This doomed-earth, this Bomb-shelled sky
Is this science-man's invention ?

Endless stream of bright-blood as pall-bearer
Is this History's advance ?
Antagonism between Man and man
Is this Religion's progress ?

Bullet-marks on Book of Religion
Is this the continent of Christ, Shakespeare, Shelley ?
Is this the land of Gandhi, Subash ?
Atoms in hand, war-maps in mind
Is this the message of Lincoln, Washington, Eliot ?
Are these the teachings of Vedas-Upnishads and Gita ?

I meditate-
With this acceleration
Where to this Science and Earth
Take man's Destiny ?
For how long--
Will this world live ?
It's never too late, there's still time--
Leave these destructive armaments
Clear your eyes of the film of Gold
Love and eulogize this EARTH and
In Unison, Chant
That song of MOTHER EARTH
In Rhythm Eternal.

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