By Neeraj
(Translated By: RP Chadda)

My country! Don't be dejected
flame'll get ignited,
Darkness'll decline.
This night can only stay
Till the break of Dawn.
When buzzing of bees, opening of buds
Will dispel this darkness.
My love-Don't be disappointed.
Sun'll shine ! Flower's'll smile!
This autumn is only a preface to the coming spring
This night is some morn's destination.
The only seeds to sprout out prosperity are-
Deserted houses, tearful eyes, sobbing springs.
Dumb peace is Revolution.
Mute vision is a creation.
My work of creation - Don't be despondent
Destroyer'll pant ! Maker'll prosper !
My faith is over- fixed-
Earth's devotion can't be futile
Nor our sacrifice
Nor this tear stream
When pace progress at mind speed
Destination is never difficult.
My aim Don't be disappointed
Way's'll change : World'll change
What's life ?
A Light's cry
In a city of pitch darkness.
Times innumerable,
Death tried
To silence this sound for ever.
But notes never die,
Only their tone changes.
My song - Don't feel forlorn
Every sitar'll sing ! Every throat'll muse !
My country - Don't be dejected
flame'll get ignited,
Darkness'll decline.

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