By Neerraj
(Translated by R.P.Chaddah)

My lock-key has been lost
And closet-ed
Life has become
Uncomfortable herein I am not,
Still my macrocosm
Has suddenly shrunk.
That world where -
Bees hum, flowers smile,
Leaves rustle, fields dance,
Morn and eve worship
Sun and moon.
That world where -
Song of stubborn nightingale and
Cry of cuckoo echoes
And every heart is thirsty for love.
That world where -
Crowds dally and discuss
Dulles' war strategy,
Nehru's peace policy.
For me today,
That world,
A real world,
Is standing coffin-clad at my threshold.
My lock-key has been lost.
Whom should I call?
From the
Inside-locked closet,
Get it unlocked from outside
How can I?
My fate,
Flee away from it.
How can I?
For life
Say imprisoned
How can I?
Accept my alone-ness
Like a half-burnt cigarette,
How can I?
No, No, No,…
All this is Impossible !
But! for the outside crowds
Everything is possible.
Come dawn
Crowds will mob my door
And finding it locked,
They will break, not one
But all the locks and latches.
Long-lost lovers will meet.
But, today
My lock-key has been lost
And a dreamy night
Has made me teary,
Within the four walls
My breath, I have lost
My lock-key has been lost.

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