Time to Raise Tempests !

By Neeraj
(Translated by: R.P. CHADDAH)

Time to raise tempests !
Time to raise tempests ;
Tears being toxed, pain being public-saled
Every fragrant-Flower is a revolutionary.
Fresh sanguine blood is beings own in fields;
Don't be busy in stringing the veena
Time to frown Death !
In clock of law, dictatorship is clad
In courts, not even a Corpse of Justice !
Disgraces have become dearer
Even birth-days go without celebrations.
Don't go on slumbering
Time to infuse life into martyrs !
Deceit overpowering helplessness
Darkness dishonoring Day-Light;
In shame,
Dawn has committed suicide.
Don't go on dreaming
Time to bow your arrow!
Glitter of gold has made
Those men (who never feared strangulation)
Do obeisance to the chair.

Don't go on caressing the beloved's tresses
Time to test your strength!
When color of man is calling at every door
what'll the world say, if you speak not ?
When autumn is auctioning the spring
what'll the garden say, if you revolt not ?

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